Dade City Garden Club

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Dade City Historical Ornaments

Pictures of the ornaments are here.

1994Pasco County Courthouse
1995Dade City Grammar School (Cox Elementary)
1996Dade City Garden Club
1997First Presbyterian Church of Dade City
1998Historic Pasco County Courthouse
1999Dade City Woman’s Club
2000Pioneer Florida Museum
2001Edwinola Hotel
2002St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
2003St. Leo Abbey Church
2004First United Methodist Church of Dade City
2005National Guard Armory
2006Atlantic Coastline Railroad Depot
2007First Baptist Church of Dade City
2008Williams/Lunch on Limoges
2009Pasco High School
2010Lacoochee School House at the Pioneer Museum
2011Pasco Packing Plant
2012Pasco County World War II Memorial
20131913 Pasco High School
2014Pasco County Fair
2015St. Rita Catholic Church
2016Jackson Memorial Hospital
2017A Matter of Taste/Florida Telephone Building

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